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Leap makes a life changing difference

Posted: Wed, 11 Oct 2017 12:11

Leap makes a life changing difference

Anthony Pollard joined the LEAP (Lifestyle, Eating, Activity Programme) in September 2016. He weighed 24 stone and was suffering from significant health issues which rendered Anthony housebound. He was lacking in energy and unable to join in activities with his two children.

In January 2017, Anthony joined the Exercise Referral scheme and after the 12 week course he took up a fitness membership at Hermitage Leisure Centre. The LEAP provided Anthony advice on nutrition and physical activity which he said was "Amazing and very achievable."

Anthony now attends the gym four times each week and has recently started going on long walks with his children and cycling with his friends. In total, Anthony has lost over six stone in just 6 months.

Anthony's partner is now also regularly exercising and his daughter has joined the swim scheme at the leisure centre, highlighting the value of the scheme and the benefits that influencing one person can lead to motivating others to make the same change.

"Since I started on the exercise referral scheme my energy has improved and I now feel healthier."

Anthony Pollard, LEAP participant

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